Michelle Walls: My Puritan Story

My Career Path to Puritan and Where I Came From

This is my second time around working for Puritan Financial.  I worked for Puritan several years ago as the Marketing Manager.  I moved away for a few years working as an outside sales representative.  That’s where my love for Sales grew.  The decision to come back to Puritan was an easy one because it is such a great Company to work for!  When I heard there was an opening for an ISP, I knew I had to apply!  So glad I did because I love what I do!


What I Like About My Job and Puritan

What’s not to like?  The staff here at Puritan is like family to me.  I’ve known most everyone for many years.  They are all professional, friendly, and very helpful if you need anything.  I love helping Seniors in any way I can and if I can save them money at the same time, I‘m going to do it! Nothing makes me feel better than when I have a customer cry happy tears because of what I have accomplished for them.  Putting money back in someone’s pocket who lives on social security is a very rewarding job.  I wouldn’t want to do anything else.


Work hard, strive for excellence, never give up,  and love what you do!  When a job becomes something that you love so much that it doesn’t feel like work, then you know you are in the right place.

- Michelle Walls